RICHMOND, Va. (DC News Now) — The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles encouraged people in the state to make use of its “start anywhere” feature that allows a person to start transactions for several service online prior to heading to a DMV location for a visit.

People can begin their transactions virtually up to 30 days before going to the DMV for:

  • Standard driver’s license or ID card renewal
  • Name change

The department said as of Monday, Dec. 12, more than 117,000 driver’s license transactions had been started online and completed at a DMV.

The “start anywhere” transactions are designed to allow people to save time, help identify the documents needed when they come to the DMV, and help ensure the accuracy of people’s information.

When you start any of the transaction applications online, you’ll enter your personal information, including date of birth and your driver’s license or Social Security number. Once you complete the application, the DMV will save it in the system until your necessary, in-person visit. Then, you’ll go to a DMV location to provide physical documentation of your identity to verify the information you provided online.

If you’re interested, you can start your application here. DMV said to make your visit faster, you can streamline the application process for a REAL ID or name change by starting online and scheduling an appointment here.