NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Police in Newport News are investigating after two vehicles were stolen from a business over the weekend.

Newport News police said officers were called to the 17300 block of Warwick Boulevard just after 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 27 for a report of a stolen vehicle. 

The Dawson family out of Hampton was impacted by this theft.

In the past year, they’ve had to use their last funds and resources to bury multiple family members. And now doctors say their 13-year-old daughter needs heart surgery.

“We feel like we are drowning right now. We feel like we are drowning right now,” said Angela Dawson as she discussed their current situation.

In her 23-year-long marriage to Thomas Dawson, struggle and sacrifice have become common themes.

But the latest hit impacts their 13-year-old daughter. She suffers from a VSD heart murmur.

“Her cardiologist came to the conclusion that they were going to have to surgically repair it because it had started to tear and it started to leak so that’s where the danger lied,” Angela said. 

The family recently bought a used car to help with trips to and from the doctor’s office.Their daughter, Sally, is scheduled for heart surgery next month.

The family dropped the car off at E-Z Garage for repairs.

“Got a call Sunday morning from the mechanic saying that my car had been stolen,” Thomas said. 

“I was angry I was hurt. I was like why and this time especially what we have going on and what we’ve been through.”

The shop’s manager reportedly noticed a vehicle missing when he arrived for work at 10 a.m., and realized a short time later two vehicles had been stolen.

A check of the shop’s surveillance footage showed an SUV pulled into the parking lot, police said.

Two suspects in hoodies were reportedly seen walking up to the shop and out of view. Shortly after that, police said lights were seen and a white vehicle left the lot, followed by a silver vehicle.

Police said the vehicles were driven away with the headlights off.

The owner of the silver vehicle was Thomas Dawson.   

He also works as a counselor for at-risk youth, and is taking this hard.

“I just rode my truck that day when I got that call and just prayed and cried and prayed and cried cause it was hard to understand,” he said.

The Dawsons are just struggling to know why this could happen to them.

“You try to do right, you try to follow what your religious principles dictate, and you know I’ve been hearing ‘yes you’ll be tested’ and things like that and I’m like yea OK, but when is the testing going to end?” Angela said.

Despite their method of transportation being on hold right now, they still find time to forgive.

“Right now I’m praying for the people that stole our car because if you’re that desperate you need some help, and we got places that can help people like that, ” Thomas said.

Police say this is still under investigation. As for the Dawson family, they say they did not have the proper car insurance to cover them in this instance. They say for now they are out of answers, but pray something good comes out of this.

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