VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney has a warning for all parents.  This is coming after police launched an investigation into a child sharing nude photos of a classmate.

“This is an ongoing problem we see on a regular basis down here at the courthouse,” said Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney Colin Stolle.

Prosecutors don’t like seeing any crime come through the courtroom, especially when it involves children.

“It could be devastating to kids in their future to be involved in this kind of behavior,” Stolle added.

Police are now investigating a case of children sending nude photos on the social media app Snapchat.

According to court documents, an 11-year-old girl sent video and photos to another classmate.  Police say that classmate admitted to sharing those images with others.  The officer who took out the search warrant is the School Resource Officer at Bayside Middle, along with two nearby elementary schools.

“I know that some people think with Snapchat the photo is gone in just a few seconds,” Stolle said.  “Anyone could take a screen shot of it. Anyone could take that picture and send it to whoever they want. That picture is not going away.”

Stolle says kids involved in these cases are getting younger and younger.  He tells 10 On Your Side parents need to know what kids are doing on their phones.

“As a parent you have every single right to demand their phone, to have them open it and to go through it to see who they are talking to,” Stolle added.

So far no one has been charged in the case.  The classmate could face possession or distribution of child pornography.  Though prosecutors wouldn’t talk about this particular case, they say the details are concerning and they know similar cases will continue to pop up.

“If your child has a phone, you need to make sure what they are doing on the phone,” Stolle said.