VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The owner of a Virginia Beach dog grooming business faces multiple charges for “inadequate care” of animals.

10 On Your Side has learned Vickie and Jeffrey Piva have been charged after they were accused of not providing adequate care for their pets and other animals.

The owners of Blue Dog Pet Grooming are facing 15 charges, 12 of those involving the care of their own animals.

According to court documents, three standard poodles and one chihuahua mix were seized from their Virginia Beach home last month. The animal control officer alleged the couple didn’t provide adequate care for the four dogs.

The couple also faces three charges relating to the grooming shop. Those charges include failing to provide sufficient housing, feed, water, exercise or care for animals in their custody.

10 On Your Side previously talked with a former employee about the alleged mistreatment. She said she saw Vickie Piva harm animals.

In one instance, the former employee was grooming a Goldendoodle. He got a little anxious while she was trying to groom his face.

“It was the very first time I had to call the owner, Vickie Piva, in for help,” said the former employee, who wished to remain anonymous. “She was very upset and that is when I witnessed her striking a dog in the face for the first time. That’s when I witnessed the ear thing.”

That’s when the employee said Vickie put scissors in the dog’s ear.

“I was just so shocked. I actually told her at the point where the dog screamed, I was like you can go. You can go finish your mobile groom. I can finish his feet and nails,” she said.

Vickie Piva’s attorney, Brandon Fellers, refutes the claims.

“The allegations of neglect and abuse by former disgruntled employees are false and defamatory,” Fellers said.

Fellers said Vickie Piva looks forward to clearing her name.

10 On Your Side attempted to contact the Pivas again but did not hear back.

The Piva’s are expected to be before a judge March 27.