VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The City of Virginia Beach is moving employees back into the building where the 2019 mass shooting happened.

Twelve city employees were shot and killed at the municipal center on May 31, 2019.

The incident happened at Building 2. Since the shooting, the building has been closed.

L.J. Hansen, Public Works Director gave the following updates to the city council on changes happening at the municipal center:

Building 2:

Building 2
  • The site where the mass shooting occurred.
  • Renovations began in March 2021.
  • Future home for Police Administration, the 1st precinct, and the City’s IT Data Center.
  • VBPD is scheduled to move in between December 2023 and January 2024.
Building 3

Building 3:

  • Previously Building 1 and City Hall
  • Future home for Public Utilities and Planning & Community Development
  • Renovations began in August 2022
  • August 2024 employees move in.

Building 11:

  • Current spot for Police Administration
  • Future home for Public Works and portions of Information Technology
  • Employee Move-in between April and May of 2025.

Employees Impacted:

  • 450 Employees impacted by the changes.
  • 250 of those employees are survivors and first reponsders of the mass shooting

“But in order to support folks that are making this transition, we have a number of things that are in place to help them make the transition back to campus and one of those is the Integration Support Team (IST),” said Hansen.

He said IST consists of staff from 12 city departments, mental health professionals, social workers, and support from the Commonwealth’s office for Victims Crimes (OVC).

“It’s so easy for people to have flashbacks,” said Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond, City Council member. “Feeling secure in a new space, that’s humanity.”

“Tremendous amount of work. Tremendous amount of challenges. Outstanding job,” said Mayor Bobby Dyer.