Vandals desecrate Norfolk cemetery


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Someone’s senseless destruction has disturbed the resting place for thousands. This week, workers at the Riverside Memorial Park discovered dozens of acts of vandalism in the cemetery.It could take until the summertime for everything vandals disrupted to be set right.In a place of peace and rest, Murray Goodwin is frustrated.“I think (whoever did it) is the lowest life on this earth,” Goodwin said calmly.  “They don’t even deserve to walk on the same ground as we walk on. My friend and I came out here to make sure our families or any of our friends’ families (graves are OK) we thought we might need to call or something,” Goodwin said. Goodwin walked through the cemetery and was disgusted with each discovery.They found headstones toppled over or snapped in half. There were dozens of stone vases broken from their stands. But, not nearly as bad as what city workers found on Monday.“There had been damage to around 100 grave sites within,” said Holly Christopher, a spokesperson for the City of Norfolk.Christopher said said this week crews righted the fallen headstones. Then they set aside the broken statues that need to be fixed.“There are some small vases and and smaller items that have been damaged and broken,” she said. “Those repairs will take a lot longer because they are more complex.” But, the city said the grounds crews will fix everything.Murray Goodwin spent his morning looking over the damage. After what he saw,  he isn’t just mad, he’s disappointed.“Im 75, I’ve been around here a long time, but I’ve never seen this world going in the direction it’s going right now,” Goodwin said.Senseless destruction in a place meant to bring peace to the deceased.

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