Va. Beach woman struck in hit-and-run while jogging; suspect vehicle identified


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach woman is recovering after a hit-and-run, and police say they’ve identified the suspect vehicle. 

Karen Stout says she was run over when she was jogging, and now she’s hoping anyone with information will come forward. She says she was hit so hard while jogging that she blacked out.

“I was unconscious, and I blacked out, so I don’t know what happened,” says Stout, who said the last thing she remembers is feeling strong and wonderful because she was jogging. 

That’s when she suddenly blacked out at the corner of Mediterranean and Carolina avenues in the Shadowlawn neighborhood at the Oceanfront. However, she didn’t black out from passing out, it appears she was struck by a vehicle, and the driver took off. 

Photo provided by the Virginia Beach Police Dept.
Police say this dark colored SUV hit Stout, and they're asking anyone who may know the driver's identity to call them. 

She sat in the occupational therapy room at Sentara Virginia Beach and told 10 On Your Side about all of her injuries.

“I have two broken ankles, 2 broken ribs, my back is cracked, my face is still swollen 8 days later, the  back of my head was hit right here. There are all kind of injuries everywhere,” Stout said. “I’ve been dizzy. They say the swelling is going back to normal, and this morning was the first time I actually looked in the mirror, and my smile looked crooked.”

“Picking it up, you can drape it here,” says Occupational Therapist Greg Pinera, who is helping Stout do simple chores with these new extensive injuries, which gives her plenty of time to think about who could have done this to her.

“I mean he just took off. Was he texting? Drinking? I don’t know. At some point you have to say to yourself ‘oh my God, I have hit this person. I got to call emergency. I’ve got to help.'”

They found another vehicle on one tape, but determined it was not involved. The vehicle was seen, and it was there, and had pulled over, but the driver never gets out. “Even if that person didn’t commit the crime, they still knew I was injured and they left me there. I  think whoever did this needs to come forward. I think there are other witnesses that know things,” Stout says.

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