PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Planning an end of the summer get away? We’re on your side with some do’s and don’ts from the TSA.

TSA officers have put together a list of tips they want to share for smooth security screenings.

  • When purchasing a ticket online, enter your full name as it appears on your ID.
  • The name on your boarding pass should match the name on your ID.
  • Download the free myTSA app. It will let you know the estimated wait time at a checkpoint.
  • Wear shoes that are easy to remove and put back on. And do yourself a favor, wear socks!
  • Use your time wisely in checkpoint lines, remove all items from your pockets and place them into your carry-on bag.
  • Place your mobile phone inside your carry-on bag instead of the bin. You don’t want to put your phone in a bin and then hold it up to your face. Yuck.

Here are a few things (that should be obvious) to never do at a TSA checkpoint.

  • Never bring your firearm to a security checkpoint.
  • Do not joke about having an explosive device or claim that you’ve got a bomb with you.
  • Never put your pet or child through the checkpoint X-ray unit. (Yes, it happens.)
  • Never use your mouth as an extra hand. Your ID is handled by others and goes into a credential reader along with thousands of other IDs.
  • Never bring a bottle of water to a security checkpoint, however you can bring an empty water bottle or reusable insulated container with you and then fill it up on the secure side of the checkpoint.
  • Never place small items directly onto the X-ray belt. Phones, keys, boarding passes and anything else that is small will likely fall between the conveyor belt’s rollers and can be difficult (or impossible) to retrieve. Instead, place these smaller items into a bowl, bin, or better yet—into your carry-on bag.

Hopefully, these tips will your experience at TSA checkpoints more pleasant.