(NEXSTAR) – How do you do, miladies?

A young boy has suddenly become the internet’s shining example of a true gentleman after he was filmed tipping his hat for each Disney princess during a parade at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

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The video, uploaded to TikTok by his mother earlier this week, shows the young boy watching characters such as Snow White, Mulan, Princess Elena (of “Elena of Avalor”) and Princess Merida (of “Brave”) pass by. After he tips his mouse-earned cap, a few of the princesses give a polite curtsey in response.

As of Saturday, the video has been viewed more than 37 million times.

“Oh my goodness,” Disney Parks commented after seeing the video. “A true gentleman. This is adorable!”

The rest of the comments section soon filled with similar remarks from TikTok users, one of whom praised the boy’s mother for raising him “to perfection.”

“I loved how Snow White’s jaw just dropped,” another TikTok user commented.

“So everyone is crying in the comments section?” a different user joked.

The boy’s mom, who identifies herself as Vanessa Guedert on social media, later shared another video of her son — this time dressed as Simba from “The Lion King” — meeting Mickey and Minnie at Disney World’s Adventurers Outpost. Naturally, TikTok found this video equally adorable.

Not everyone, however, took away the same feelings after viewing the cute meet-and-greet videos on TikTok. One viewer, who watched Guedert’s son tip his hat to the princesses, quickly came to the realization that her own son might not be as chivalrous.

“I watch this and cry, thinking about my little boy,” wrote one user. “But if I took him to Disney he would terrorize everyone and set the park on fire.”