92 year old prepares to celebrate his 23rd birthday


(WIVB) – Most people get to celebrate their birthdays on their birthday each year- but for those born on Feb. 29, their actual birthday date only rolls around once every four years.

Many “leap year babies” like to joke that they are actually a quarter of their age.

“People laugh, but it’s true- I’ve only had 23 birthdays,” chuckled Joe Bittar, who is turning 92 (“23”) on Saturday.

And get this… he’s not the only Leap Day baby in his family.

“My uncle was born on the 29th too,” Bittar recalled.

Bittar isn’t the only New Yorker celebrating his birthday on Leap Day.

East Aurora sixth grader Christopher Taylor is turning 12- or “three”- this weekend.

“People will be like ‘you’re the smartest little two-year-old, you’re the strongest little two-year-old’,” Taylor said. “In sports, my friends are like ‘yeah, you just got beat by a two-year-old’.

On non-Leap Years, Taylor’s birthday is celebrated on both Feb. 28 and March 1.

“Every fourth year, I get a big, cool birthday,” he added.

Albion dance studio owner Amy Sidari is turning “13” this year.

“When I turned “12”, my fourth child turned 12, and now that I’m turning “13”, my youngest is turning 13,” Sidari said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Depew resident Kaitlin Doyle is turning 28- or “seven” on Leap Day, and planning on celebrating with a day off and a relaxing dinner.

She celebrates on March 1 during non-Leap Years.

Kaitlin Doyle

“Being a Leap Year is pretty neat- you get to celebrate for two days if you want and get away with it!” she added.

Sue Albrecht of Cheektowaga is turning “13” this year.

Sue Albrecht

“I’m a teenager this year!” she said, adding “it’s very unique and special to be a leap year baby- I love it!”

If your birthday is Feb. 29, send a picture of how you’re celebrating to webdesk@wavy.com.

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