NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Tropical Storm Michael made its mark on Hampton Roads, causing trees to fall across the area. 

Uwe Troxler is part owner of Smith’s Tree Care and says the calls have been ringing all morning with emergency needs for trees on houses, or trees posing a danger to others. One of those calls came from Will Carraway in Newport News. 

“The winds were gusting to 50 or 60,” said Carraway. “I came out this morning and saw the tree leaning. We called [the neighbors] up and told them don’t go out back we were concerned the tree would fall on them.”

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Troxler says in situations like this, it is important to stay away from the tree and pick up the phone to call a professional.

“Don’t go under it, it may unstable so please call us first or a professional so we can evaluate the situation,” said Troxler. “If you do routine trimming to maintain the trees correctly then some of these can be prevented.”

As for Carraway, he is thankful for the quick service and thankful that Tropical Storm Michael is out to sea for good. 

“He’s done damage all the way from Florida to here and it’s bad news,” Carraway said.  

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