(NBC) — Knockouts continue on “The Voice” Monday and understandably, some contestants may be super nervous.

Mega mentor Wynonna Judd reminds them nerves still happen to her. Last week was a prime example.

Watching Judd cling tight to Jelly Roll at last week’s CMA awards had her fans a bit worried, but “The Voice” mega mentor took to social media to calm the concern.

Those nerves happen to the music legend more often than you might think.

“I have struggled over the years with performer’s anxiety to the point where it’s been debilitating and so, I get it,” said Judd. “I understand it. I come from it.”

Some of that stems from the reality that life on stage can be unpredictable.

“I did a show where my cape got stuck in the elevator lift thing and I had to do the first song on my knees in front of 20 thousand people,” said Judd.

And with anxiety potentially an issue for the contestants she’s mentoring, Judd offers one way she deals with nerves.

“I have to constantly, ‘My peace begins with me, my peace begins with me,’ affirmations and talking to myself, which I do very well,” said Judd.  “And just reminding myself that I can.”

Monday’s knockout round will give the singers a chance to prove to themselves that they can too.

“The Voice” airs Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC4, followed by a new episode of “The Wall.”