PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Two local cities are partnering to expand each local fiber optic resources.

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Portsmouth and Chesapeake made the announcement on Thursday. The partnership will enhance the design and routing efficiencies across municipal borders. 

The partnership comes as each city is developing their individual fiber rings

“This partnership is the essence of regional technology initiatives that will benefit all citizens of Hampton Roads and will serve as the foundation for regional smart city applications,” said Portsmouth’s Chief Information Officer, Daniel Jones. The partnership allows each City access to utilize fiber strands in the other localities designated rights-of-way. It also paves the way for further inter-City connectivity for public safety and municipal facilities in the two, neighboring communities.”

Earlier this month, the Southside Regional Fiber Ring had a groundbreaking ceremony. The project aims to “develop a Fiber Optic Network Ring that will connect” the entire region.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to work closely with our Portsmouth partners on this project,” said Scott Fairholm, Chesapeake’s Chief Information Officer. “Being able to leverage one another’s resources for the good of both cities, and their citizens, makes us all stronger. We look forward, as well, to establishing other such partnerships as this important fiber project grows across the Southside of Hampton Roads.” 

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