Taylor and Luria make last minute pushes before Election Day


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — It is election eve in Hampton Roads. In just hours, the polls will open, and candidates are out getting those last-minute votes.

At the Elaine Luria (D) campaign headquarters, signs are posted as reminders to “knock doors win hearts”

“Elect women now” and “a Virginia that works for all” read Luria signs. And there’s a lot of enthusiasm and confidence Luria will win. 

As her workers get ready for the Super Bowl of their election race against incumbent Republican Scott Taylor, Luria is reflective of where she’s been.

“We’ve been out on the campaign trail, and we’ve been so since January, and we have talked to thousands of people, and that is what they bring up as their main concern.”

She listed them, “people are concerned about the future of Social Security, and Medicare, and people are struggling with the cost of health care.”

10 On Your Side also found Congressman Scott Taylor going door to door in the Chatham Lake neighborhood.

“We’ve been tested by adversity throughout my whole life, and overcome adversity, and have a great team, and door knocked 10,000 homes for months and months, and we have a great message, and we have produced for this district and this country,” Taylor said. 

Taylor did not know at the time, but staffers forged signatures for an independent candidate to get on the ballot.

It dogged Taylor throughout the entire campaign and was a massive distraction.

“I regret that, and I’ve promised to my constituents that nothing like that will ever happen again, so that was certainly a regret.” However, Taylor thinks in the end, his constituents will remember what he has done for the district.

“We have a great team. We have a great message, and we have done things. We have done exactly what we said we were going to do two years ago when the vast majority of people in this district sent me to Washington to represent them.”

Elaine Luria says if she does win it’s because of these issues, “They are kitchen table issues, cost of health care, prescription  drugs, education system for their children, the future of Social Security, Medicare. We are hearing this over and over.”

Back on the street trying to get votes, Taylor asks a man who answers the door, “Are you active duty military?” The man answers, “I am.” Taylor responds, “Where are you stationed?” The man answers, “Portsmouth.”  Taylor responds, “Appreciate your service.  Nice to meet you.”   

After he walks away, Taylor says, “people do have their issues, whether it is health care, or immigration, or military issues or veteran issues.”

Taylor also says he cares about issues that come along like the new Ashanti Billie Alert Bill.

Taylor sponsored and got the bill through the House of Representatives, “98% of laws introduced do not become law, and one year to the date we were able to get it through the House of Representatives. We will probably get it done by the end of the year.”

The bill must still get through the Senate, and must be signed by President Trump. 

Luria’s hearing a lot too, “I am hearing our current representative that  people don’t think he is listening to everyone across the district.”

Taylor says Luria, “Is running on tax cuts for small businesses, taking care of military funding and veterans. That is exactly what I’ve been doing for two years.”

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