Squirrel breeding season leads to surge in local animal control calls

Squirrel breeding season leads to surge in local animal control calls

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — It’s been a busy few days for ACME Animal Control.

They’re starting to see an increase in calls for squirrels that have made their home in someone else’s.

“It’s breeding season. You know squirrels actually have two breeding seasons a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, and were steadily approaching our spring breeding season now,” said owner Brian Fiske.

And the calls are picking up.

“We probably get at least 15 a week, sometimes even more,” he said.

Brian often has to go up into attics and get the squirrels out safely.

“I went up into the attic and took a look around to see if we could locate the babies, I did find them under the air handler,” he said.

Fiske says they recently took in a litter, and a staff member who is a wildlife rehabber is caring for them.

“So she’ll take the majority of our baby squirrels, and hand raise them until they’re big enough to be rereleased, and then they’re rereleased back into the wild,” he said.

Fiske says if you find a hole outside leading to the inside of your home, don’t seal it up right away.

“If you try to seal up a hole on your own, you’re going to seal the adult squirrel out, or you’re going to seal it up inside the attic, and both cases can be pretty bad,” Fiske said. 

He says if there is a litter of squirrels inside, the mom will do whatever it can to get back in and could create an additional hole.

He says if you think you have a squirrel making your home theirs, call a local animal control company that will be able to remove them safely. 

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