New research suggests that Planet Nine may be a black hole.

Is Planet 9 really a black hole? Maybe.

First, let me give you a synopsis of planet nine. Of all the planets in our solar system, the outermost planets were still discovered a long time ago.

Neptune was discovered in 1846. Since then, we have even discovered a few more planets outside our solar system! However, NASA scientists still believe there is a much larger planet on an elliptical orbit around our sun.

For the past couple of years, scientists have searched, but have not found anything. However, physicists Jakub Scholtz and James Unwin have recently had a hypothesis that planet nine is actually a black hole that is about the size of a bowling ball!

Scientific Paper: What if Planet 9 is a Primordial Black Hole?

Traditional black holes, like ones that form in our galaxy and around the universe, are created by dying stars. Primordial black holes are leftovers from the creation of the universe. Like other black holes, gravity inside these is so intense not even light can escape. 

This news is coming off of the heels of NASA’s release of information about their animation of a black hole consuming a star. While the one believed to be orbiting the sun has the same amount of gravity, I wonder what would happen if it got close enough to our Sun?

Probably something similar.