Renovation project woes continue for local church


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side is following up with a church renovation project gone wrong in Norfolk.

We told you in June, the Friendship Baptist Church is out of $18,000 for brick work that was never completed. 

Now, the pastor tells says the work that was done was not done right and they have to start all over.  A good Samaritan has stepped in to help, but even so, the job can’t be finished without the help of the community.

The scraps of an unfinished job lay next to a project that’s just starting. 

“Every brick has to come back down,” said Pastor Gregory Norris.  “It’s just not right.  We spent a lot of money for a small church that doesn’t have a lot of revenue.”

Back in May 2017, Friendship Baptist Church hired a company to fix the brick on the exterior of the church.  Months went by and the job remained incomplete.  The church sent notarized letters, signed by both parties, but the job still wasn’t done.

“I guess my philosophy would be always investigate before you invest,” said Norris reflecting on what happened.

But then, brick mason Eddie Britt came into the picture.

Norris said, “He was God-sent.”

Britt is friends with the Pastor and agreed to finish the job.  But when he started working, he found a lot of problems.

“I told him, I said we needed to tear it all down and start over.  Because everybody in the Church is going to be sick if I don’t change this,” said Britt. 

One of the main issues was potential for moisture to get trapped in between the brick and the building. 

“It’ll be just like a bad tooth in your mouth that’ll keep eating away at the block, the moisture eats away at the block and it’ll weaken the structure,” said Britt.

Their goal is to be done by November, but they still need thousands of bricks to finish the project.  The ones Britt is currently working with were donated by Bachelder & Collins in Norfolk.

The pastor hopes the public will help so his community can get back to giving back.  He said, “I just want the job finished so we can go onto the next phase of what this ministry is trying to do.”

The original company tells 10 On Your Side it underbid the project and did its best to complete the job while paying its employees.

If you’re interested in helping the church, call Pastor Norris at 757-714-3700.

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