VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY)- Gov. Glenn Youngkin addressed several hundred industries and political leaders at the Governor’s Transportation Conference at the Virginia Beach Convention Center Thursday morning.

Youngkin highlighted transportation infrastructure projects throughout the state. He pointed to the success of the Port of Virginia, having seen a 25% year-over-year increase in business.

“Asian shippers are sending goods directly to Virginia and then railing them into our heartland, instead of having them sit off the coast of California,” he said.

Virginia Secretary of Transportation Sheppard Miller told 10 On Your Side that the port’s success is owed to the people of Hampton Roads.

“I think we’re situated to continue to grow and attract shippers from across the globe,” Miller said.

The administration praised the plans to “widen the gap,” growing I-64 to six lanes between Hampton Roads and Richmond. Youngkin and Miller both lauded the doubling of lanes in the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel.

“We’re opening up the circulatory system, as the Governor says, so the heart can pump to the rest of Virginia,” Miller said.

As the nation looks to electric vehicles amid record gas prices, the Youngkin administration is not investing in EV charging stations beyond the $36 million in federal funds.

“We don’t want to put them everywhere and waste taxpayer money. We want to put them where they’re needed and then we’ll see how demand requires, and we’ll go from there,” Miller said.

The Youngkin administration is adamantly opposed to state Democrats’ push to tie Virginia to California’s clean air standards.

“I’m in full support of Virginia having its own standards that make sense for Virginia. I fully support the Governor in that regard,” Miller said.