RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Eight Democratic Virginia lawmakers are calling on Gov. Glenn Youngkin to reverse a new telework policy requiring all state employees to work in-person full-time by July 5 unless they are granted an exception.

Several state government employees have been permitted to work remotely since 2020, but Gov. Youngkin announced he was imposing a new policy that would bring them back to the office full-time starting July 5.

Virginia employees were given a May 20 deadline to get permission to work from home, but they need to get a exception for health or other personal reasons.

The eight Democratic state lawmakers sent a letter to Youngkin on May 18 saying they were writing on behalf of their constituents who work for the state and have shared their “serious concerns” with the new policy.

“A top-down and universally-applied telework policy does not address the varying differences that exist among position requirements and agency needs,” the lawmakers wrote.

The lawmakers — two state senators and six delegates — urged Youngkin to allow state agency heads to work with their employees on the return to their pre-pandemic work schedules after the Labor Day holiday and create an interagency work group to examine the current policy and share recommended changes.

“We have established the new teleworking policy with flexibility to allow for an employee and their supervisor to discuss telework options and what’s appropriate for their role and the organization,” Youngkin spokesperson Macaulay Porter wrote in an email. “The legislators’ concerns were addressed in the policy and its implementation.”

Nearby areas have already returned to in-person work. State workers in Washington, D.C., and Maryland returned to in-person work last summer.

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