CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Dueling criminal complaints show State Senator Joe Morrissey (D-16) and Christina Davis — a woman Morrissey said is his estranged wife’s sister — were arrested following a fight at a youth football game in Chester.

Court documents obtained by 8News indicate Morrissey — who lost his primary in June — and Davis got into an altercation on the Gordon Elementary School Football Field on Saturday, Sept. 16. Both have been charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

Christina Davis’ account

“I was asked by a Chester Football Coach to take my nephew [Morrissey’s five-year-old son] to the bathroom,” a criminal complaint filed by Davis reads. “While waiting for him to finish, Joe comes up from behind me and snatches me from behind forcefully from the bathroom. He yanked my fanny pack I had around my chest up to my neck.”

Davis further alleged that Joe attacked her again after Morrissey’s son opened the bathroom door with his pants down and she tried to help him pull his pants up. She then says that she turned around to “push him off” and vocally objected to Morrissey’s actions.

“He smiled and said, ‘This is what I wanted for you to hit me back. You’re being recorded,'” Davis’ criminal complaint says.

“Joe then attacked me again and twisted my arm and wrist back and told me ‘I will beat your a**, get the f*** back and away from my son you ghetto bi***,’” Davis’ criminal complaint reads.

Davis also claims when she told Morrissey she was going to call the police, Morrissey said, “Go ahead, I am Joe Morrissey … they won’t do anything. I will tie your a** up in court and drain your money if you do.”

Joe Morrissey’s account

Morrissey says he arrived at Gordon Elementary School around 8:30 a.m. to watch his 5-year-old son and his 8-year-old play football.

“I went over to check on [my] 8-year-old and came back to [the] field where [my] 5-year-old was playing,” Morrissey says in his criminal complaint against Davis. “I did not see him [his son] and a player’s mom walked up to me and said, ‘someone took him away to the bathroom.’”

In the complaint, Morrissey says he ran to the portable toilet yelling out for his son.

“[My son] responded ‘Daddy’ and I started to open the door,” Morrissey’s criminal complaint reads. “A woman grabbed my hand and said ‘you can’t go in there.’ I pulled the door open anyway and immediately recognized my wife’s sister — Christina Davis.”

Morrissey’s complaint then alleges that he was “yanked” by the right arm and pushed in the chest twice by Davis.

“She pushed me a [second] time and said, ‘I’m a mean mother*******,'” Morrissey’s complaint reads. “I already had my hands up in a defensive posture and said, ‘Christina, move away.’ She then slapped my face and knocked my aviator glasses off.”

According to Morrissey, he then turned and saw two people watching. He says that one of them had their phone out.

“I said calmly, ‘Christina, everything you’ve just done has been captured on video. She immediately stopped cursing, moved to her left and started shouting, ‘get your hands off me.'”

8News reached out to Sen. Morrissey over the phone and he claimed everything he wrote in his complaint was accurate and that he was the one assaulted.

This news follows a string of controversies involving Morrissey, including allegations of infidelity, manipulation and parental absence in a public skirmish with his wife, Myrna Morrissey, in January. A public outburst at a Henrico jail was captured on video in February. He was also involved in dueling defamation suits with a Richmond private investigator in April.