HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — While many celebrated the unofficial last day of summer with a trip to the beach, others kicked off Labor Day by talking politics.

”The Labor Day to election day sprint, it’s the home stretch, and we’re always in Hampton Roads for Labor Day,” said Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine.

In Hampton Monday morning, local Democratic leaders pressed the flesh and took photos at a brunch celebrating labor unions and community leaders.

“This is the big kickoff and it’s all about turnout,” Kaine said. “This year, there’s not a governor’s race, there’s not a presidential race, there’s not a Senate race, so it’s all about turnout for these local legislative and then local offices, and that’s why I’m really glad to be down here today with so many friends.”

In Suffolk, Republican Gov. Glenn Younkin rallied his constituents with a barbecue.

Youngkin shook hands and signed autographs while stumping for local Republican candidates, as well as touting the Republican Party in general.

“We, in fact, are the ones to trust with our economy and jobs,” Youngkin said. “We are the group to trust on schools and empowering our parents, we are the group to trust with backing the blue and making our community safer. We’re the ones to trust when running government.”

And while both parties may have differing viewpoints on several key issues facing Virginians this political season, there’s one thing they can agree on.

Said Youngkin: “I want everyone to go vote.”

Said Kaine: “And if we turn out, things are going to be fine, but we have to make sure we turn out.”