NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — “Hold the House. Flip the Senate.”

That was the chant from supporters as Gov. Glenn Youngkin entered the Azalea Inn Grill on Little Creek Road in Norfolk to meet with supporters and answer questions in an exclusive live interview with WAVY News 10’s Andy Fox at 4 p.m.

Youngkin was among friends as he talked politics alongside House of Delegates candidate Andy Pittman, the Republican candidate in the District 94 race. He is running against Phil Hernandez. The governor also answered our questions on issues like his new executive order 28 dealing with student overdoses and parental notification. 

Election Day is next week and the politicians are fighting to get your vote.

Executive Order on School Overdoses

The first question Andy asked was in reference to the new Executive Order 28 Youngkin issued Wednesday, requiring schools across Virginia to notify parents of drug overdose incidents within 24 hours.

Youngkin: “I’ve been so concerned because we saw nine fentanyl overdoses in one school in Loudoun County and parents hadn’t been notified. And this is really dangerous for kids because there are illegal drugs that have been laced with fentanyl being passed around and parents weren’t being told. So my executive order requires school systems to notify parents within 24 hours of a school-related drug overdose so parents can be informed and talk to their kids about it.”

3,400 Virginians Removed From Voter Rolls

Next, Andy asked Youngkin about the thousands of Virginians wrongfully removed from the voter rolls.

Youngkin said everyone involved in this error can now vote in Tuesday’s election.

Youngkin: Well, they’ve all been restored, and in fact we worked very quickly. When this issue was first brought to my attention, I asked everyone to go back and recheck and double check to make sure because everyone that has a legal right to vote, should be allowed to vote. And of course, there were nearly 3,400 folks that had been mistakenly classified as having committed a subsequent felony to their original felony, and they were mistakenly removed. We immediately worked to get them all restored, and they are all now back on the voter rolls and ready to vote. … on Tuesday.”


The topic of abortion remains a top of mind issue in Virginia. He answered questions about crumbling the Democrats’ ‘Big Blue Firewall’ that defeats further restrictions on abortion.

“Well first we are being very clear about our position,” Youngkin said. “There should be no questions. Our position in fact is to provide a bill that will protect life at 15 weeks when a baby can feel pain, with full exceptions for rape, and incest, and when a mother’s life is at risk.

“What the other side is saying — we are for banning abortion without exceptions — … is not the truth. They keep saying we are going to ban abortions with no exceptions, and they are just not telling the truth. They want to extend abortion all the way up through and including birth, they’ve said it over and over again. That was a bill that missed by one vote three years ago, and now we are just being clear.”

Presidential Run?

Andy ended the interview with a question many are asking. Will Youngkin run for national office in 2024? Youngkin reiterated what he’s told WAVY in past interviews, that he is “focused on Virginia.”

Asked a different way, about whether it would be a big political deal to have Republicans control all branches of state government and whether it would put the governor in a new limelight, a group of Youngkin supporters standing behind the governor laughed hard over the question.

“I will say it again, and you aren’t the first to ask,” Youngkin said. “I am so excited about people watching Virginia because it is working.”

Watch the full interview in the video player at the top of the page. And be sure to watch WAVY’s coverage on-air and online on Tuesday, Nov. 7. We’ll have extensive team coverage of Election Day.