(WAVY/WGHP) — If you’re planning to vote early in North Carolina ahead of Nov. 7, 10 On Your Side has you covered.

With the Oct. 10 primaries come and gone, the North Carolina State Board of Elections has turned its gaze to Nov. 7. One-stop, in-person early voting for the November 2023 elections begins on Thursday, Oct. 19, and ends on Saturday, Nov. 4.

Below, you can find a database of all early voting sites in the state. Simply type in the name of your county into the search box to see all early voting sites in your area, as well as the dates and times each site is open.

If you want to find out if your city or town is having an election on Nov. 7, you can check out that guide below.

In the WAVY TV 10 viewing area of Northeastern North Carolina, there are a couple contested races for mayor, as well as city councilman, commissioner and other local seats in the upcoming municipal elections.

See the full list of candidates for the November election, at this link.

NEW FOR 2023

All voters are now required to bring an acceptable form of photo ID to their voting site. If you're voting by mail, you'll be asked to include a photocopy of your ID when you send in your ballot.

Although a driver's license is the most common form of ID, there are several other options. You can find a complete list on the North Carolina State Board of Elections' site, at this link.

If a voter cannot show photo ID when voting in person, they can still vote by filling out an ID Exception Form.