VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The January 6 committee has subpoenaed former president Donald Trump.

Trump is now required to turn over calls, text messages and other exchanges with members of Congress from Dec. 18, 2020 to Jan. 6, 2021.

The big question–why issue the subpoena now with the election less than three weeks away? District 2 Representative Elaine Luria, who serves on the select committee, says the panel wanted to be thorough and build up a strong case.

“I think it was important for us to do a very thorough investigation and understand all of the facts. They really lead to one individual who was at the center of the things that happened January 6,” Luria told 10 On Your Side.

Luria explained the select committee has interviewed more than 1,000 people.

“Literally millions of documents to find the facts about what led up to and happened on January 6. I think it’s very important that we get to the truth and the facts. This was a horrific day in American history,” Luria stated.

The subpoena requires former president Donald Trump to turn in all correspondence with members of Congress leading up to and on Jan. 6 by Nov. 4.

“Attempts to influence state officials in Georgia, the slates of false electors, the pressure on the justice department, the pressure and eventually threats to the former vice president. We needed to understand all of that from all of the perspectives of the 1,000 witnesses that we’ve been able to interview and I think it’s clear that president Trump is the one who can speak most clearly to his intent and state of mind so that’s why we seek his testimony,” Luria said.

The former president must also appear for a deposition on or about Nov. 14. The interview could take days.

10 On Your Side reached out to the Virginia Beach Republicans regarding the subpoena and its timing. We’re waiting to hear back.