VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – State Senator Jen Kiggans will be the next Congresswoman to represent the Second District. 

Kiggans won over two-term incumbent Elaine Luria and Tuesday night 10 On Your Side was there as she declared victory. 

During her victory speech, Kiggans spoke about where she wants to take the second district. 

“We are celebrating a new day for our commonwealth, and for our country,” she said to loud applause from about 200 gathered in the ballroom at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center.   

Jen Kiggans was outspent by Elaine Luria’s $9.9 million to her $2.9 million, however, Kiggans had something far more valuable than the money.

She had redrawn the congressional district that went from +2 republican where Luria had won twice to a district that is +6 republican. With this new political makeup, the seat will likely stay republican for the near future. 

You can’t deny the exuberance at the Jen Kiggans victory party which included thanking Congresswoman Elaine Luria for her years of service, 

“I would especially like to thank my opponent, Elaine Luria who fought a hard-fought battle in this race, and although we may differ in our political ideology, we certainly share our love for the Navy and the love for our country,” Kiggans said.

So how will Kiggans win affect politics right here at home? Kiggans said that she will start by restoring American strength.

“My mission over the next two years is to work every day to restore that strong economy, and restore that strength in our borders, and restore our strength in our communities, and restore our strength on the world stage, Kiggans explained.

She spoke about people she had encountered during the campaign and reminded the audience why she decided to run.

“I ran for the dad who sent me an email and said my son died of a fentanyl overdose, and it should have been prevented, Kiggans said. “I ran because I want people to find jobs, and businesses, creating opportunities and I want families to raise kids in safe and secure neighborhoods.” 

She also mentioned how not only did she want to run to create opportunities for local families, but she also wanted to do the same for her own family as well.

“I ran because I am a mom to four kids, and I want my kids to grow up in a country that they love, and to raise their families in a country that my grandkids will love and I want them to understand the gift they have been given and that they love in the best country on earth,” again more applause. 

Former Governor Bob McDonnell, who attended her victory party, tapped into what helped Kiggans win the election.

“I think people in the district were very concerned with rising crime, rising inflation, the border security, gas prices, and real kitchen table issues. I think Jen overall ran a positive campaign focused on kitchen table issues like that,” McDonnell said. 

Now the hard work begins for Jen Kiggans and with a republican-controlled House as a possibility, that is certainly a doable appointment.