NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — A Newport News delegate announced the filing of several progressive criminal justice bills aimed at ending the “school-to-prison” pipeline.

Del. Mike Mullin, (D-Newport News), recently released details on those bills that would work to create a more “equitable criminal justice system.”

Two of the bills bring light to the intersecting of schools and courtrooms when charging disruptive students with disorderly conduct.

The first bill proposes that handing students criminal charges due to disruptive behavior isn’t productive. Del. Mullin recommends working with these students is a better fit for the principles office.

A second bill wants to eliminate school the protocol forcing principals to report certain acts that may count as a misdemeanor offense to law enforcement.

By reducing mandatory referrals, Del. Mullin suggests the number of children being sent into a criminal justice system where they don’t belong will begin to decrease.

Along with the two bills, the Newport News delegate released two resolutions as well:

  • A resolution directing the Virginia State Crime Commission to study disparities and inequities at each level of the criminal justice system.
  • A resolution suggesting study of the expungement laws and process.

Del. Mullin has passed a number of criminal justice bills in Virginia since his election in 2016, including “Heaven’s Law” to protect children from child abuse.

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