Candidate Profile: Xavier Warren (Lt. Governor)


Xavier Warren is a Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia.

Xavier Warren is a Democratic candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor. His name will appear on the ballot on June 8 during the Democratic Party primary election.

Name: Xavier Warren

Race: Lieutenant Governor

Party: Democratic


Biography: A native of Danville, Xavier J. Warren has lived and worked throughout the Commonwealth in Hampton Roads, Arlington County, and Pittsylvania County, where he played football at Dan River High School. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Hampton University where he graduated cum laude, and master’s in sports management from Georgetown University.  

As a child, Xavier dreamed of becoming a player agent for the NFL. While at Georgetown, he worked on player contracts for the Washington Football Team. Xavier became an agent in 2011. He is now a contract adviser for the union, NFL Players Association, of which he is a member.  

Xavier is also a successful small business owner of a federal funding agency, Congressional Partners, that has helped secure millions of dollars for hospitals, schools, local governments, and other nonprofits to make it through the pandemic — dollars for: 

  • Student support services for low-income, first-generation students 
  • Substance abuse treatment and workforce development 
  • Telehealth  equipment so physicians can reach patients 
  • Recovery services for women and victims of domestic violence
  • Jobs creation and retention 

Why should Virginians elect you as Lieutenant Governor?  

I have the experience to lead the Commonwealth meeting the challenges of the pandemic along with the economic, healthcare, educational, and societal needs for a stronger Virginia. I am a native of rural Virginia, but have lived and worked across the state. 

With my background in helping local governments, hospitals, and schools obtain the resources they need for success, I understand how state and federal government, as well as public-private partnerships, can help our families and businesses recover from COVID-19. 

What do you hope to accomplish, if elected? 

My top priority is jobs. My focus is for every adult in the Commonwealth to have a job with a livable wage.  

The office of Lieutenant Governor is a business position that focuses on three things: 

  • Generating economic development 
  • Advancing entrepreneurship 
  • Creating jobs 

These are all about a stronger economy.  

Gov. Ralph Northam just announced that Virginia has a windfall of $730 million that no one expected. While Virginia’s economy is unexpectedly strong, even amid the pandemic, we have work to do.  

That’s great news, but maintaining a strong economy is always a priority, and I’ll focus on sound policy to continually build upon what we have.  

Part of this is attracting new development while making sure our existing companies stay and thrive, and this includes large and small businesses. Another part is ensuring that all Virginia workers earn a livable wage. I fully support a $15 minimum wage.  

A critical part of any thriving economy is education. We need investments in early childhood education, free certificates and associate degrees for PELL-eligible students, and to strengthen K-12 partnerships with our career and technical centers, community colleges, HBCUs, and Hispanic-serving institutions. Making sure we have a trained workforce means we’ll always be able to attract and retain good-paying jobs. 

Like every other state in America, Virginia is at a crossroads when it comes to race.  

I’ll also focus on racial equity. We need to level the playing field — for access to opportunity. 

  • Fiscal opportunity 
  • Safety opportunity 
  • Housing opportunity 
  • Education opportunity 

Our young people need safe places to learn and grow. Virginia’s neighborhoods all need access to after school programs, parks, and community centers. Every neighborhood deserves good schools, affordable housing, and access to nutrition, shopping and healthcare. 

Every public school in the state deserves good resources: 

  • Safe classrooms 
  • Top notch equipment 
  • Good teachers and diverse faculty 

What is the most important legislative issue facing Virginia, and what is your position on it? 

Everything we can do to address COVID, including administration of vaccines and helping families cope with the stress of illness, lost jobs and paychecks, and educational needs of our kids is a must, and I am for every measure that gets the job done. 

What is your position on Virginian’s overall response to the coronavirus pandemic, and what might you have done differently? 

The lack of a comprehensive federal response during the President Donald Trump administration harmed every state in the Union. Rudderless leadership hampered state and local response.  

I’m running because Virginia is in a COVID-19 crisis, a racial crisis, a climate crisis, and an economic crisis that has caused: 

  • Hundreds of small businesses to close 
  • Thousands of people to lose their jobs 
  • One in three people to suffer pay cuts 
  • One in four people to go hungry 
  • Many people to lose their homes due to evictions. 

I have the experience to take on these challenges that while great, are not insurmountable. 

What are the top three issues created by the coronavirus pandemic in Virginia, and how would you plan to address them? 

While our state’s economy has remained strong during the pandemic, too many families have faced uncertainty, particularly insecurities regarding paycheck, housing and, of course, physical and mental health. 

Virginia lawmakers have made some incremental progress on the paid sick leave front. Workers need secure flexibility to take time off to care for themselves and their families. While many Virginia businesses small and large offer good benefits, many do not. I’d like to see us pass a comprehensive strategy for families.   

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