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Thomas Speciale lost the June 2020 primary election to Daniel Gade. Gade will be named on the Nov. 3, 2020 ballot as the Republican candidate for Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat. Click here to learn more about Gade.

Candidate Name: Thomas Speciale II

Race: U.S. Senate

Party: Republican


Biography: I was born in Peoria, Ill. in March of 1969. We were poor but working class. Neither of my parents graduated from college. They raised me to, as my dad would say, “Work one square foot at a time.” To make slow and steady progress toward a goal. My mom inspired me to get an education and my grandmother and my dad inspired me to never ever quit. I wasn’t raised to see obstacles. I was raised to see opportunities.

Since 1987, I have served on active duty or in the U.S. Army Reserves at tactical, operational, and strategic levels, and continue to serve today in the Army Reserves as a chief warrant officer (CW3). I served in Afghanistan alongside U.S. special forces and am well known as a bulldog when it comes to training and taking care of my soldiers. I will do everything to keep our American military the greatest fight force in the world.

Since 2005, I have served in the military or the intelligence community as a subject matter expert on terrorism and Middle Eastern conflict issues. I am intimately familiar with the mosaic of threats we face across the Middle East and beyond. I will do everything possible to protect our country from all enemies foreign and domestic.

In 2009, after returning from Afghanistan, I returned to Washington, D.C. and have served in military uniform or as a government contractor at the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Counterterrorism Center, the Defense Combating Terrorism Center, or at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence as senior intelligence officer and counter-terrorism expert.

I smoke cigars, drink beer, drive a Jeep, ride a Harley, shoot guns, train soldiers and Cub Scouts and I am unafraid of speaking truth to power especially when it comes to protecting our country. I am married to the love of my life, Amy Dawn, and have an amazing stepson, Evan, 17, and a son, Nicholas, 8. I also have two amazing children from a previous marriage, Sophia, 18, and Tommy, 21. Tommy serves today in the U.S. Navy.

Why should Virginians elect you to the U.S. Senate?

I am pro-life, pro-gun and pro-Trump. I am a recognized national security and counter-terrorism analyst. I have served in the intelligence community for the last 10 years. I have zero spin-up time regarding what is going on in the world. I am the only true Second Amendment candidate. I have been fighting to defend the Second Amendment since before there was a 2A movement.

I can go to work for Virginia the day I take office. I am not an “establishment” candidate. I am not a RINO. I hunt RINOs! Mark Warner has already demonstrated he can beat the establishment twice. I can beat him because I am a junk yard dog. I am a fighter. Finally, I will prosecute those government officials and employees who tried to coup our president. If I have the great honor to serve Virginia as our next senator I will do so as a citizen-servant.

What is the most important legislative issue facing Virginia, and what is your position on it?

There are four critical issues our country, not just Virginia, is facing and they are all equally important — immigration, mental health, education, and criminal justice reform. I can not single out a single issue because they are all interrelated. Some thoughts on what I think we need to do on these issues are available on my website.

What is the top challenge facing Virginians, and how would you address it if elected?

The state wide shutdown; but, excluding the economic and societal consequences of the unconstitutional shutdown, we need to look at the big problems our country as a whole is facing. We need immigration reform. If we can not get reform we must build a wall. We have a mental health crisis in this country, not a gun violence problem. Our education system should be the best in the world. Our kids deserve it. But without an American dream there is no focus on what we are becoming as a country. Finally, we need criminal justice reform because it shouldn’t be a crime to be poor.

In light of Virginia’s recent gun control debates, what, if any, gun laws would you support changing?

I would not support any gun laws. In fact, I would work to abolish, curtail, and remove the current laws. We have to confront the false narratives of “gun violence” and focus our efforts on the real problem, which is mental health in this country. Additionally, the actual homicides that we do have all occur in the same 17 cities, actually not cities, neighborhoods. 90% of the gun-related violent crime occur in 17 Democrat-run cities. This is a problem we can solve if we are honest about the problem. These cities are in trouble — not just crime and violence, but mental health, joblessness, fatherlessness, homelessness, drug addiction, and hopelessness.

What are the top three issues created by the corona virus pandemic in Virginia, and how would you plan to address them?

The economy. The economy. The economy. If we don’t reopen Virginia the other problems we are facing are going to seem insignificant compared to the suffering and chaos the collapse of our economy will cause. 

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