Michael Drewry is the Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates District 64. His name will appear on the ballot on Nov. 2, 2021.

Candidate: Michael Drewry

Race: Virginia House of Delegates District 64

Party: Democratic

Website: drewryfordelegate.com

Biography: Michael Drewry grew up working with his father on their family farm. He earned a degree in agriculture from N. C. State University and a degree in business from the College of William and Mary. He helped launch the pork division of the Continental Grain Company. He went on to earn a law degree and return to his family farm, where he still lives and works. He was elected to the Surry County Board of Supervisors in 2015 and still serves.

Why should Virginians elect you to the Virginia House of Delegates?

The 64th District is predominately a rural district with two urban centers. These districts are often ignored by politics focused on the higher populated urban areas. I believe this is leading many rural voters to feel not valued, which leads to political division in our communities. As a farmer with a law degree, I understand the needs of our rural citizens and want to bring less division to our region.

What do you hope to accomplish, if elected?

I want to assist in getting people to set aside tribal politics and work together to solve the district issues. I will ask the district citizens to form committees such as agriculture, community, and business needs. These committees will be tasked with coming to consensus on the needs of the district and proposals to solve them. If state assistance is needed, we will take these issues to Richmond.

What is the most important issue facing your district, and what is your position on it?

As an local elected official, I have had success in asking the citizens I represent to answer this question concerning the needs of their district. We then come to consensus on how to solve the need or issue. My position on such an issue is not as important, as I believe that an elected official should represent the consensus of your constituents, and not your personal opinion. During the campaign, I have been asking this question of citizens. A sample of their answers has been broadband for rural citizens, senior citizen access to medical care and transportation, and recreation for our children and teenagers

What is your position on Virginia’s overall response to the coronavirus pandemic, and what might you have done differently?

The pandemic has been a challenge for our citizens, businesses, and local governments. I know firsthand of the struggles, as an elected official and through my work as an attorney for local governments. I know we all can look back and find ways to improve after the fact, but I prefer to look forward. As a farmer, I know how hard it is to contain diseases in my livestock herds, and I follow the advice of veterinarians when needed. In future pandemics, I would prefer for our citizens and government to trust and follow the advice of medical experts.

What are the top three issues created by the coronavirus pandemic in your district, and how would you plan to address them?

In my work as an elected official, and as a local government attorney, I am aware that struggles still exist with the economic viability of small businesses and many of our citizens. If I become the delegate-elect, I would immediately form the previously mentioned citizen committees to form a list of district needs and ways to address such needs. I am confident that the needs created by the pandemic will be on this list.