Matt J. Waters is a Republican candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates District 70. His name will appear on the ballot on November 7, 2023.

He is running against Michael D. Bartley and Shelly A. Simonds.

The first day of in-person early voting at your local registrar’s office for this election is Friday, Sept. 22, 2023. Click here to see who is on your ballot.

10 On Your Side reached out to all of the candidates running in this race with specific questions. The responses below came directly from the candidate and are unedited. If you do not see the candidate listed with a profile, we did not receive one.

Photo courtesy Sarah Wood Photography

Name: Matt J. Waters

Age: 56

Race: Virginia House of Delegates District 70

Party: Republican


Biography: My name is Matt Waters, and I am the Republican candidate running for House Delegate seat 70 in Newport News VA. I am a father of five and married 25 years. I am the CEO of a political consulting company based in Washington DC that was founded in 2008. I am a native of Newport News VA, born and raised, and moved to Northern Virginia where I received my BA from George Mason University and my MA from Reformed Theological Seminary.

Why are you running for this office?

My top three priorities are focused on Education, Economic Opportunity and Medical Freedom. With the rise of technological advancements, education is portable and affordable. My priority is outcome–or, put another way, are our 28,000 K-12 public school children being given the best education?  I think everyone agrees there is room for major improvement. I will also advocate that we expand and extend Enterprise Zones across the Newport News area, offering businesses unforeseen opportunities to invest, tax free, in our city. My third priority is lofty, that of introducing a Medical Freedom Amendment to our Constitution. Medical freedom is a fundamental right. While we all hold different views, protecting each other’s medical rights unifies, while allowing for diversity. Let’s respect, and protect, our medical rights.

What is the most important issue facing Virginia, and what is your position on it?

Cost of K-12 Education, and the outcome of K-12 Education. At $18,500 per child, the ROI is not cutting it for the students, the teachers, or the state taxpayers who are making the investment.  My position is we need to prioritize getting education right, in the words of Malcolm X, “by any means necessary.”  There are too many options to deny kids a right to success: Public, Private, Charter, Parochial, Home School, Co-Opts–and empower parents (who sign a Rights & Responsibility Pledge) with vouchers worth up to $20,000 per child.

What it the top challenge facing your district, and how would you address it?

A failing education system that is failing our kids, and making it unsafe for teachers to teach. We need to protect teachers, students and parents, and we need to prioritize education in K-12; not anything-goes sex, not politics, not unions, not political correctness, etc.

What is your view on Governor Glen Youngkin’s proposal for a 15-week abortion ban with restrictions?

I support the Governor’s initiative to adopt liberal European democratic abortion standards, and drop the “abort live babies with heartbeats anytime anyplace” strategy adopted by the North Koreans, the Communist Chinese and the Democrat Party in America.

How do you feel about the politicization of public education?

See above. It is destroying the public education system. Replace the LGBTQ agenda with the ABC agenda–reading, writing and arithmetic.

What legislation would you plan to sponsor in your first year?

I will introduce legislation to change our state flag and seal–incorporating a black woman to our flag (instead of the “woman” that is on the flag now) so that VA is the first state in America to have black representation. I will introduce an Medical Freedom Amendment to the VA Constitution; I will introduce bill to drop front license plate from cars, and allow citizens to purchase and install radar detectors into their automobiles.  I will seek to defund any and all state funding going to state colleges that do not protect and promote free speech on campus.

What is your view on unlimited campaign contributions? Should that change?


How will you still value constituents with whom you disagree with?

This Republican campaign is one of a kind in all of history: we are only campaigning in Democrat neighborhoods and talking to nearly 100% African Americans. I’m literally walking the walk, and talking with those who may disagree with my political party. The results are very surprising. 🙂

Would you work to change anything about disciplinary practices as a result of the Richneck Elementary Shooting? 

Yes, I would call for a Virginia Work Force (a non-profit-public partnership) of former first responders, military and police to step up and serve in the public school system–to keep the peace, protect teachers and students, and serve as role models in K-12 education.