Heidi Daniels is a candidate for Virginia Beach City Council. Her name will appear on the ballot on Nov. 8, 2022.

10 On Your Side reached out to all of the candidates running in this race. If you do not see a candidate listed with a profile, we did not receive one.

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Name: Heidi Daniels

Race: Virginia Beach City Council

Website: Heidi Daniels for City Council

Biography: Heidi Daniels provided 10 On Your Side the following biographical information:

  • Part of the Green Run Community for 22 years
  • Bachelor’s degree in business management
  • Married and raised their children in our community
  • U.S. Marine Corps veteran
  • Former police officer
  • Manages the Green Run Homeowner’s Association serving 16,000 neighbors
  • Professional community association manager

Why should residents elect you to City Council?

Your city council representative should come from our neighborhood with real experience solving problems at the local level. I have been part of the Green Run community for 22 years. My husband and I raised our children in this community. I manage the Green Run Homeowners Association serving 16,000 neighborhoods. My experience working in our neighborhoods, like organizing National Night Out and community events, and local capital improvement projects, have resulted in real benefits for residents.

I am ready to lead and will need no learning curve. I have worked with city council members for years to fund improvements in our area and bring attention to flooding and crime issues and work on solutions.

I’ve also served my country as a U.S. Marine and am a former police officer. My business education and background provide me with the fiscal management skills to manage budgets, revenues, obligations, and analysis to serve our neighborhoods on day one.

What are the top three priorities you would tackle if elected?

Job one is making Virginia Beach affordable. Inflation is hurting communities like ours, and we need someone with experience in financial management. I have the educational and professional background in business and fiscal management to enhance affordability of housing and the cost of living, and will also help small businesses create more jobs of higher salaries to grow our local economic base.

Job two is making our neighborhoods safer. Our neighborhoods should be safe for our families. As a Marine veteran and former police officer, I know firsthand that community connections are the key to safety. I will bring community leaders together with the city to make needed improvements to enhance safety for everyone.

Job three is making sure flooding funds are spent efficiently, and projects are completed on time. I am a proven leader on flooding and the environment,= and have led our community securing funding for needed improvements.

What is the most pressing economic issue facing your community, and how would you address it?

The best way we can fight inflation is to lower the cost of government and make sure that we are recruiting jobs with good salaries. Minimum wage cannot raise a family.

What are your community’s biggest infrastructure needs, and how do you plan to fulfill them?

Putting neighborhoods first — Your city council representative should come from our neighborhoods with real experience solving problems at the local level and real community relationships with residents in our district. We need to spread job creation efforts throughout our city and make sure neighborhood infrastructure is maintained.

How is gun violence impacting your community, and how do you plan to address gun violence?

Illegal guns have proliferated across cities and Virginia Beach has spent considerable dollars to get them off the streets. They also found that increased lighting and trimming overgrowth reduced crime. That’s why experience like mine is crucial to keeping neighborhoods safe. The things we do as a HOA helps keep our neighborhoods safe. It is a partnership between residents, civic associations and law enforcement that brings communities the best results.