Candidate Profile: Ryan McAdams

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Name: Ryan McAdams

Party: Republican

Biography: Ryan McAdams lives in Charles City County, Va. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He also earned a master’s of divinity from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He has worked as a full-time social worker and a crisis intervention specialist. He is currently the senior leader of Agape Mission Church in Williamsburg, Va.


1. Why should Virginians elect you to Congress?

I am a proven leader with character and principle, uniquely qualified and equipped to serve the diverse people of the 4th District. I care about people, families and the future of our great country and I will tirelessly work to bring practical solutions to the citizens of the 4th District.

2. What was the most important vote taken in your district in 2018 and why?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts has produced tremendous results for the people of the 4th District. We have unprecedented economic and job growth and Americans are once again optimistic about their financial future. Unemployment in Virginia is at an historic low of 3.1% and the workforce is larger than it has ever been, with businesses booming, hiring and investing. My opponent voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and he will vote to raise taxes, increase regulations and stunt the positive economic results that are practically helping families and individuals. I will work to continue to lower taxes for small businesses and remove burdensome regulations and government interference. I am for well paying jobs and prosperity for all Americans.

3. What is the biggest issue facing your district, and how do you plan to address it?

What I hear constantly from the people of the 4th District is that they feel abandoned from Donald McEachin and without caring representation in Washington. I have heard countless times from citizens, even Democrats, that McEachin’s constituency services are not responsive and woefully inadequate. I believe the fundamental responsibility of a Congressional Representative, apart from legislating, is to be accessible to the people and attentive to their needs. When government is a burden and people are in need of help, citizens should be able to reach out to their Congressman and receive responsive service to resolve their problem. I am not a career politician given to empty words and promises. I am a person “of the people and for the people” and I will make it a priority to provide the best possible service to the good people of the 4th District.

4. What businesses and industries would you try to attract to your district?

First of all, I want to take care of the businesses and industry that we have in the District already. There is a tremendous amount of farming and agricultural businesses in the District and they need representation and help. We must pass a good Farm Bill. I want to work to lower taxes and burdensome regulations even more for existing small businesses across the District. I want to see Ft. Lee continue to prosper and expand, which brings in approximately 2.4 billion dollars into the area economy. I will work to get broadband to the rural areas so that businesses have the technology they need to keep up. I want to work to open up the Route 17 corridor in the Chesapeake/Suffolk area so that commerce can flow more freely to the port from North Carolina and so new businesses and manufacturing will be drawn to the area. I would like to work to see industry and manufacturing be revitalized in the Jefferson Davis corridor south of Richmond. I will provide proactive leadership working with all the stakeholders in the public and private arena to see growth and prosperity come to the 4th District.

5. What are the top three challenges facing the Department of Defense, and how would you address them?

In the 4th District, a major concern is the rising sea level and sinking ground, which will negatively effect the Naval base and our related assets. We need to search for solutions to this growing issue and make sure our base is secure. Secondly, budget sequestration is something that I believe is detrimental to the military and should be permanently removed. I believe in balancing our budget and reducing our deficit, but we should set our defense budget based on the threats we face and the strategy needed to counteract those threats. I support a robust and well-funded military to secure a peaceful future. Thirdly, I think we face a huge challenge to take care of our veterans when they leave the armed services. One of my top priorities in Congress will be to serve our heroes and help them transition into civilian life. The 4th District has more than 68,000 veterans and that number is growing. Many need counseling services, affordable housing, vocational and workforce training when they leave the service and after. I will work hard every day to help our vets get the services they need to transition well and prosper in civilian life. Our veterans sacrificed so much and gave us their best and they deserve the best we can provide.

6. In the face of a government shutdown, is it more important to make sure the budget passes or that your legislative aims are achieved? How would you apply your answer to the most recent shutdown threat?

The budgetary process is broken. A small group of politicians are holding hostage the American people with continuing resolutions that are bypassing the prescribed constitutional process. This high drama game only serves to politicize the process even more and pile on more debt. I am for returning the budgetary process to the 12 committees as the Constitution instructs, where budgets can be worked out and negotiated. The American people elected their Representatives to be their voice in the budget process and they rightfully should be. In relation to the “most recent shutdown threat” – I would have not voted for the budget unless Planned Parenthood was defunded and adequate money was allocated for securing the border. President Trump was elected by the American people to get that done and those two agenda items should have been taken care of in the budget before passing.

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