Candidate Profile: Roger Allison

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Name: Roger Allison

Biography: Roger Allison has worked for 35 years to begin and develop startup and small rural businesses, including those in the technology and healthcare industries.


1. Why should you be elected to Congress?

For the past 14 years, a career politician, GK Butterfield, has betrayed and misrepresented his district. Of the 92 bills associated with his name, only 11 passed over 14 years. Of those 11 approved bills, 9 were simply renaming public facilities. We need a US House Representative who works harder for all of its citizens, not just the ones that fit the representative’s racial profile or political beliefs. I am uniquely qualified to represent the voice of CD-1 citizens due to the following:

I have grown 8 healthcare and technology companies (3 sold, 1 IPO, latest has a $42M valuation) and know how to create jobs and have been endorsed by The Frederick Douglass Foundation for my vision of prosperity. Contrarily, while Butterfield was President of the NC Black Caucus and while the rest of the state flourished economically, Durham NC (CD-1’s largest city) sunk to a 38.6% black unemployment and 1 out of 2 black citizens are in poverty. He also voted against the Tax Act and against our farmers.

I am endorsed by the National Right to Life and will give a voice to the unborn. Contrarily, Butterfield boasts a 100% rating by the nation’s largest abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood, so 280,000 North Carolina lives were aborted during his 14 years.

I place American citizens first and have an A+ immigration rating (e.g., end chain migration, end the visa lottery, implement e-Verify, secure the borders) with NUMBERSUSA! Under Butterfield, Durham NC became a sanctuary city prioritizing the rights of illegal aliens over the rights of our citizens earning him an F- Immigration rating by NumbersUSA.

Finally, I am the 9th descendent of Patrick Henry so I am a constitutional originalist believing that all Americans have common God-given and constitutional rights. However, political and ideological encroachments from the far left can no longer be ignored. As such, I will be the voice of patriots who will fight against socialism, open borders, an emergence of a tyrannical deep state, fascist suppression of free speech and freedom of religion, single payer healthcare and large government.

2. What was the most important vote taken in your district in 2018 and why?

There have been no public votes yet in 2018, but the most important NC state passed legislation was the Farm Bill protecting our farmers from wrongful lawsuits. The most important federal legislation was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act providing tax relief to millions of Americans while funding “Economic Empowerment Zones” generated by its doctrine (10% penalty) to re-patriate overseas investment back into our communities.  The most important amendment on the Nov 6th 2018 state ballot will be the VoterID requirement because we have witnessed voter fraud in Durham County.

3. What is the biggest issue facing your district, and how do you plan to address it?

1 out of 3 CD-1 citizens are in poverty so our biggest problem is replacing poverty with prosperity. I plan to implement the following:

1. Instate the work requirement for able-bodied welfare recipients aiming to increase Welfare compensation by 2-3 times!

2. Fund (via private/government alliances) incubator, entrepreneurial and training programs in our communities and community colleges.

3. Create Economic Empowerment Zones from the little known TAX Cuts & Jobs Act doctrine using Re-patriated money to revitalize our outsourced industries and communities.

4. Revitalize the Black Wallstreet Angel Fund (Durham) with startups.

5. Eliminate business-preventing regulations.

6. Ensure that American citizens no longer compete with ILLEGAL ALIENS for jobs, housing or shelter!

4. What businesses and industries would you try to attract to your district?

The Economic Empowerment Zones will re-invest into companies that moved out of our state due to overseas outsourcing. These companies include apparel, furniture, automotive manufacturing and farm equipment. However, the high-growth technology companies in AgriTech, technology and utilities will be the fastest growing companies that will find the NC business climate (e.g., hiring pool, wage, schools, home affordability) most attractive.

5. In the face of a government shutdown, is it more important to make sure the budget passes or that your legislative aims are achieved? How would you apply your answer to the most recent shutdown threat?

The main function of the Congress is to legislate; however, the annual budget has become leverage for political agendas. I prefer pure budget bills, but, the budget process has become riddled with “pork” driving up the spending to almost $1 trillion per year. Simultaneously, entitlement programs have grown so large that funding them has become a burden. This spending has to stop, cuts have to be made and programs need to be re-invented in order to reduce our burgeoning $20 trillion debt. Once the military (including veterans) is funded and base entitlement programs are funded, NO new programs should be introduced in budget bills until spending is under control. As such, the leverage isn’t a legislative aim as much as it is affordability and fiscal responsibility. Therefore,  it would be worth a reasonable “delay” to approve a budget to ensure that every expenditure has an offsetting means of paying for it.

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