Name: Allison White

Biography: Allison White is a Virginia Beach native who teaches social studies at King’s Fork High School in Suffolk. She graduated from James Madison University with a degree in political science, Old Dominion University with a master’s degree in education, and the University of Akron with a law degree.


1. Why should residents elect you to City Council?

I decided to run for city council to bring a different background and set of experiences to city council. I am a public high school teacher and I am a transgender individual. As a public high school teacher, I will fully represent the interests of our public schools, teachers, and students at the city council level. I want public education to be an economic driver in our city. As a transgender individual, I decided to run to raise awareness of this issue, break stereotypes, and show that there are transgender individuals in Virginia Beach working hard to make a positive impact on their community. I will focus on resolving our flooding issues, raising pay for our public safety personnel, expanding our local economy, and being a good steward of the citizens’ tax dollars. I have no conflicts of interest and my decisions on city council will be based on the best interests of the citizens of Virginia Beach.

2. What is the most pressing issue facing your community, and how would you address that issue?

The most pressing issue facing our community is flooding and seal level rise. The immediate solution to addressing flooding in our city is cleaning out ditches, dredging lakes, and building pump stations in areas prone to flooding. I believe the long-term solution to flooding and sea level rise involves green solutions such as permeable pavement, water-absorbing salt marsh which absorbs incoming wave energy, the creation of bio-retention gardens for flood-prone areas, and living shorelines which make our shorelines more stable.

3. Where do you stand on raising taxes to balance your locality’s budget?

I am not in favor of raising taxes. I believe the city of Virginia Beach currently raises enough revenue to balance the city’s budget.

4. What’s your plan to reduce crime?

I believe that more police officers are needed in Virginia Beach. I would vote to budget money for the hiring of additional police officers. Keeping our city safe is a top priority for me.

5. What are your community’s biggest infrastructure needs, and how do you plan to fulfill them?

The community’s biggest infrastructure needs center around flooding and sea level rise. Solving this issue will require a long-term commitment from city council. I would support capital projects that solve this issue.

6. What businesses and industries would you try to attract to your community?

I would try to attract technology businesses to Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach has two unique advantages in attracting technology businesses: transatlantic cables and an excellent school district. The transatlantic cables give the city an opportunity to become a data hub for a majority of the world’s data traffic. Our excellent school district provides the future employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners for this new economic opportunity. Technology will bring high-paying jobs for our citizens and help diversify our local economy. This will result in a fiscally stronger Virginia Beach. I will strongly support policies that attract entrepreneurs and businesses to Virginia Beach to monetize this opportunity.