(KXAN) — The U.S. is being viewed more favorably since the inauguration of President Joe Biden back in January.

That’s according to a study from Pew Research Center, which polled 16 publics — and found about 75% having confidence in Biden, while only 17% expressed the same for former President Donald Trump in 2020.

Support for many of Biden’s policies also ranked higher than those of Trump, including his immigration policies.

At the end of the Trump presidency, 83% of the same publics polled said they had no confidence in Trump. At the beginning of the Biden presidency, that number dropped to 22%. Seventy-seven percent of publics said Biden is qualified to be president, while only 16% felt Trump was.

While U.S. favorability varies by country, depending on history and relations, overall most countries show an uptick in respect for the U.S.

Nevertheless, America’s reputation has taken a hit over several years, data shows. When asked if the U.S. political system is currently working, only 50% said it was.

And while Americans might like to think of itself as a model for other countries, the publics polled disagree. Only 17% said the U.S. serves as a good example for other countries. Fifty-seven percent said it used to be a good example but has not been in the past few years.