Police: Break-in suspect arrested after returning to the scene for cellphone

Felicita Sadler Newport News Apartment Break-In

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — A woman suspected of breaking into an apartment was arrested Monday night after police say she returned to the scene for her cellphone.

Newport News police say 30-year-old Felicita Sadler is facing several charges for the alleged incident.

Officers were called to a home on St. Thomas Drive just after 11 p.m. on Monday for a burglary in process. A 61-year-old Newport News man told officers a woman had kicked down his door and entered his home.

Police say the man and his wife were in the the living room of their apartment when the woman — later identified as Sadler — began banging on the door.

Sadler allegedly continued banging on the door — despite the couple’s pleas for her to identify herself. She eventually kicked down the door and walked inside.

Police say the man had armed himself with a knife and was standing in the dining room when Sadler entered. She is said to have fled the apartment after he told her to get out.

Police say the apartment’s doorframe and a flat-screen TV were damaged — and a cellphone was found on the ground next to the door. Sadler was not there when police arrived.

Sadler reportedly called the phone as an officer was holding it, saying she was trying to find it. The officer told her to meet him at a nearby gas station on Hogan Drive and Jefferson Avenue. 

However, police say Sadler returned to the scene and opened the apartment door.

The man’s wife identified Sadler to an officer who had stayed behind.

Police say Sadler was standing inside the apartment, and started asking for her phone. The officer, instead, asked Sadler to step outside so he could explain the situation.

While talking to her, the officer noticed a smell of an alcoholic beverage on Salder.

Police say Sadler became disorderly when the officer tried to take her into custody. Officers eventually got Sadler in a patrol car, but noticed she had not put on a seat belt.

Police say Sadler did not comply after officers tried to fasten the belt. An officer tried to calm Sadler down, but she refused and kicked him in the thigh. 

She reportedly kicked another officer several times. 

While Salder was being driven to booking, police say she kicked the rear passenger window out of the patrol car. She is now faced with multiple charges: Three counts of assault on law enforcement officer; two counts of breaking and entering; two counts of intentional damage; disorderly conduct; and intoxicated in public.

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