Piecing together the moments before couple’s murder-suicide on I-264 in VB


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — 10 On Your Side is piecing together the last moments a Virginia Beach couple was alive.

It’s a disturbing case of murder-suicide that ended with a crash on westbound I-264 near where Laskin Road crosses 264.

It’s there where William and Belinda Davis lost their lives last week.  Now we have the full chain of events, and what went wrong, according to Police, Fire, Medical Examiner reports, and a neighbor who lived across the street from the Davis’ for years.

Here’s what we know: Belinda Davis was in the passenger seat. She fatally shot her husband William in the head while he was driving, and then she shot herself.   

Their neighbor Emily told 10 On Your Side, “the last days they were going to be evicted.”  She continued, “It’s almost like if I can’t have the house you aren’t going to have the house either even though it was his house that he grew up in.” 

Two other neighbors also mentioned the financial strains.  

As Emily looks back on it she remembers something out of the ordinary on Tuesday night, August 7, that she thinks lead to a possible motive for what happened.

“The last days they were going to be evicted, so they kind of argued on Tuesday night.  I think Willie told her to get out, and I guess that triggered some anger in her, so she just upped and did this. This horrible thing.”

On Wednesday morning at 6:30, Emily says Willie left as he always does.  It is clear from the Virginia Beach Fire timeline and Emily’s eyewitness account that Willie is long gone to work when Virginia Beach Fire is called to the home at 7:20 a.m. 

The fire was later deemed intentionally set. On Thursday, 10 On Your Side found out an accelerant detecting K-9 confirms an ignitable liquid was found in the home that led to the fire. 

No one was home, but around 9 a.m. the affidavit for a search warrant states Belinda suddenly shows up at William’s work site for Carolina Marine Structures.

According to the court document, Matthew Jaworsky Jr. who is William’s supervisor, was notified by one of Davis’ neighbors that the house was on fire.  He then gets a call from a Virginia Beach Fire Marshal, who is then connected with William. William is told the house caught fire and one of his dogs is dead. 

Suddenly at 9 a.m. the scene changes, Jaworsky tells the investigator, “Moments later Mr. Davis’ wife Belinda walked up onto the job site.  Mr. Davis told her about the fire and Mrs. Davis showed no outward emotion to the news.” 

This suggests that Ms. Davis wasn’t surprised to hear the house was on fire.  10 On Your Side read that to Emily, the neighbor, “I am angry at this point. Willie did not deserve what she had done.”

A few minutes later around  9:55, the WAVY-TV Traffic Jam Cam shows a crash on I-264.  The Medical Examiner would later confirm the driver Willie Davis was shot in the head, which led to the crash into the Jersey wall and Belinda then shot herself in the head, which was ruled a suicide.  

Emily thinks Belinda had a drug addiction, “I know at one time she was doing drugs, and she was spiraling out of control before all this had happened. She would always ask us for money.”

Emily keeps going back to the argument on Tuesday, “I heard them arguing in the garage, and she came out and she was slamming her car door.  It just didn’t seem right. It was like chaos. Turmoil. That wasn’t normal.”

Across the street, for Emily, William’s pickup a reminder he isn’t coming home.

“It’s still sad to see that truck there. It is very eerie because when I come home from work, the dogs would be in the yard and William would be home playing with them. 

Belinda would be in the driveway, and that happened about every day … the dogs would greet me with a woof woof when I got out of my car.  Now it is silent, and at night it is black, no lights, no nothing, so all the life is drawn out of that house, and gone and it is very sad.”

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