Owners of Hampton home hit by 2 cars hear back from city


HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — An update to a 10 On Your Side story about a Hampton family fighting to protect their home from people crashing into it.

After 10 On Your Side’s report, the city went out to Clarence and Delilah Grubb’s home on Fox Hill Road on Friday morning, and may have made the family even more mad.

The city told the Grubbs they can put up a barrier anywhere two feet behind the city right of way in their front yard.

That means cement poles like the ones you see at gas stations, and possibly guardrails you see along the interstate, are possible to put up in the yard.

“Why should we have to put the guardrail in? The city is responsible for the road section, our safety is at risk, and that’s why we are paying them. They work for us,” said Delilah Grubb,

The Grubbs are upset because they think they have a unique location that makes living dangerous. Their home was hit on January 24 by a driver having a medical emergency.

The house was also hit by a drunk driver in February 2015. The Grubbs claim the house has been hit a total of six times, but city records only go back five years.

The Grubbs want peace of mind but claim they didn’t get that after a morning visit from Hampton City Superintendent of Bridge and Streets Tyler Richardson.

Richardson told the Grubbs, “Good Luck. I hope it works out for you some way, somehow.”

Delilah wasn’t happy with that response.

“I couldn’t believe he said that,” Delilah said. She thought it sounded non-caring.

“It’s like they wash their hands. That’s what it sounds like to me. They wash their hands. We deal with it. Not them,” she said, brushing her hands. “I interpreted that it is on us. We have to deal with it. The city is not going to deal with it. It means they don’t deal with it until somebody dies.”

Richardson refused an on-camera or phone interview, and so did Hampton Spokesman Fred Gaskins, who sent this statement: “We don’t have the space to put up a guardrail in that location and meet all the space requirements.”

Delilah says that’s a cop-out. “They have the space. They just don’t want to put out the money because it costs too much to put in a guardrail.”

Gaskins also stated, “We absolutely care about the homeowner, and the motorists on our roads.”

Delilah dismisses that, “Bull! I’m sorry that is just plain bull. If they did care they would have the guardrail. It does not matter to them.”

After some prodding, 10 On Your Side discovered a guardrail is not out of the question in the eyes of Hampton. The Grubbs hope they can get a guardrail, find someone to put it in, and would expect the City of Hampton to approve the project.

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