CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A Chesapeake man is speaking out after he says a Sysco driver assaulted him with a dolly on Aug. 14.

Shane Formella took a video that shows the driver throwing a dolly in Formella’s direction from the back of his truck.

The driver told WAVY-TV 10 that he was the one scared for his life and was defending himself. 10 On Your Side is working to gather more information on his side of the story.

The incident occurred behind a laundry facility on Battlefield Boulevard. Formella said he was trying to leave for his first day of work when he noticed the truck was blocking him in.

He said there was a quick escalation of events after he asked the driver to move. He was then hit by the driver, Formella said, and had to get stiches in his hand after. Formella said he wants the driver to pay for his expensive hospital bills.

“It affected me too because, at my other job, I couldn’t do my other job because I blow glass, and this is what I do all day long and my finger was stiff,” Formella said. “It wouldn’t move, so I lost a week of work from that.”

Formella filed a police report against the driver who was charged with assault and battery.

“That’s a scary thing when you have someone — over something so small, willing to like — I mean that guy could’ve killed me,” Formella said. “Those things are like 100 pounds, you know what I mean, and steel, and you’re throwing it off a high-rise truck. He’s lucky he didn’t kill me.”

He said he wants the driver to be held accountable for his actions. Formella said he reached out to Sysco, but told 10 On Your Side that he didn’t get the response he expected.

“They were very rude to me and were like, ‘We’ll see you in court,'” Formella said.

Sysco sent the following statement:

“Sysco prioritizes the safety of our employees, the communities we serve, and our customers. We investigate all safety incidents and cooperate with external investigations. The delivery partner involved in this incident is no longer a Sysco employee.”

Formella’s court date with the driver is scheduled for Oct. 16.

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