NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A Norfolk neighborhood is locking in their love and throwing away the key – with a lock fence.

Hannah-Rose Carmona and her husband give back every winter. The pair helps deliver comics to children during Christmas.

They wanted to do more year-round.

“We decided that we don’t have a lot of money to be able to do all these organizations people can give out all these charitable donations, so we donated our fence instead,” she said.

The Ocean View Love Lock Fence was born coincidentally during the month of love.

The famous love lock bridge in Paris, Pont Des Arts, inspired the fence.

You aren’t allowed to attach a lock in Paris anymore. It’s against the law.

A similar concept came to the 757 at the Hague Pedestrian Bridge, but the city removed it.

Carmona said this fence is locked in and won’t be going anywhere.

“It’s been taken from different areas, but it’s been taken away. I hope that allowing people to come to our house; our property won’t be a possibility,” Carmona said.

She said she saw the violence in her community and wanted to fill the streets with love.

“With so many shootings, stabbings and things going on with the schools, this generation being more hateful, we wanted to bring that love to OV,” Carmona said.

She plans to keep the fence open year-round.

She hopes over the years the fence will get more locked up. Carmona says one day, people can go back and remember their love.

 “People have the opportunity to come back and say, hey, this is where our OV love started,” she said.

You can secure your love on the fence at 8041 Lion Ave, Norfolk, VA 23518.