ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) — Questions in the community and family of Andrew Brown are still circulating after the 42-year-old father of 10 was shot and killed by a Pasquotank County deputy Wednesday in Elizabeth City.

In an update Thursday night, authorities said they were executing search and arrest warrants Wednesday morning on Perry Street for drug-related charges.

Still, a witness said she didn’t believe there was a need for deputies to shoot into Andrew Brown’s car.

“It was multiple shots it was repeatedly like back to back: Pop, pop, pop, pop, like that,” said Demetria Williams, a witness.

As the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is working to figure out why 42-year-old Andrew Brown was shot and killed by Pasquotank County deputies, Demetria Williams is still trying to process what she saw just doors down from her Perry Street home.

Williams said she heard the first shot then ran outside, where she saw several patrol cars and deputies surrounding Andrew Brown’s car.

“The officers were standing behind him and he was taking off and they started shooting,” she said.

Andrew Brown’s car came to a stop just yards away. He died at the scene.

“When they opened the door he was slumped over. I know he was already gone. they snatched him out of the car and started doing chest compressions on him,” she said.

The family says Andrew Brown had his faults. He had several arrests over the years, but there was no reason for him to die the way he did, his brother said.

“I don’t know what to do with myself. Like, that’s my only brother,” said Antron Brown

Through his shadow, Antron Brown wants to tell his brother’s story.

“Everybody knows my brother, but nobody knows my brother like me,” Antron Brown said.

The Brown brothers were born on the same day one year apart. Andrew Brown was 42. Like other family members, Antron Brown woke up to terrible news on Wednesday.

“I’m like he’s gone. He didn’t make it,” he said.

Antron Brown said his brother had been the victim to two previous shootings. He wants to know what happened yesterday.

“The fact that an officer shot him — for what? Shoot the tires. Apparently people said they were shooting from the front and shooting from the back. you could have hit the other officer like that,” he said.

Wooten hasn’t released any body camera footage in connection with the incident. Under North Carolina law, most body camera footage can only be released with a court order. 10 On Your Side dug through court records and found Andrew Brown has two pending drug cases in court.

“He was a good guy. Everybody has their flaws. He was trying to get his kids back,” Antron Brown said.

Andrew Brown had 10 children.

“He don’t do nothing that harms nobody. He don’t go out and pick fights or do anything were somebody is going to harm them,” he said.

Antron Brown believes his brother was trying to get away from deputies because he was scared. He, like so many, just wants answers.

“I love my brother. I’m going to miss him dearly,” Antron Brown said.