GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — It’s one big step for one small hippo!

Huckleberry, the pygmy hippo calf born this spring at the Greensboro Science Center, took her first steps into the outdoor enclosure last week. The center shared a video of the momentous occasion on their social media, celebrating this big milestone for a very little girl.

Huckleberry’s first steps weren’t without a little drama. Mama Holly appears to give her a startle before she made the big leap, but then the video shows her positively prancing about, sniffing around a bit of her home and getting a lay of the land.

Huckleberry is the first calf for Holly and Ralph and the first pygmy hippo born at the Greensboro Science Center. The hippo exhibit is part of the center’s Revolution Ridge expansion, which opened in 2021 and is home to other fascinating creatures like cassowaries and an okapi.

Huckleberry is two months old. She was born on May 24 and Holly was described as a “vigilant and caring” mother when they announced her birth.

Fully grown, Huckleberry will be somewhere between 350 and 600 pounds. That’s quite a bit smaller than Huckleberry’s cousins, the river hippo, which are multi-ton titans. She’s got a ways to go before she catches up to Mom and Dad, though.

Babies everywhere!

Little Huck isn’t the only baby that’s been born at the Greensboro Science Center this year.

She joins Kiwi the white blotched river ray, twin red panda cubs named Azula and Zuko (younger siblings of Ravi, who was born last year,) and two binturong pups named Bianca and Monty.

  • The Greensboro Science Center's two newest additions to their red panda family. (Greensboro Science Center)
  • The Greensboro Science Center announces two newborn red panda cubs. (Courtesy of the Greensboro Science Center)
  • Holly and baby pygmy hippo at Greensboro Science Center
  • Holly and baby pygmy hippo at Greensboro Science Center
  • Holly and baby pygmy hippo at Greensboro Science Center

You can see more of the sweet babies on the Greensboro Science Center’s social media accounts.