GATESVILLE, N.C. (WAVY) — There’s an overall feeling of relief in Gatesville Friday after strong storms slammed the area Thursday night with strong winds.

Sheriff Ray Campbell says neighbors described hearing a roaring sound from outside from the fast-moving storm.

“We were very, very lucky,” he said. “Just a major roar and just continual thunder. The thunder was nonstop and lightning nonstop for several minutes and then just vicious wind.” 

He lives only a few miles away from the worst damage behind Gatesville Elementary School and says he saw the clouds rolling through.

“I watched it come through,” said Campbell. “Where I’m at, we just had a lot of rain. Not tremendous wind. We didn’t have any hail. Around us, we did have small hail, but no reports of hail damage.” 

Scattered branches and other debris, like roof shingles, lay on the ground throughout the town — remnants of a storm that left just as fast as it came.

“It came through really quick, it was over quick, but we still had damage,” he said. “We’re very lucky, very lucky. And whatever it was, I’m glad it didn’t come all the way to the ground.”

Some good news after the storms, the sheriff says there were no major injuries or fatalities.

He also wanted to remind people to avoid any downed wires. If you see them, don’t go up to them or drive over them. The best thing to do is avoid them and tell police where they are.