ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) — Troopers say a woman was killed during a hit-and-run in Pasquotank County.

N.C. Highway Patrol responded to the call just after 9 p.m. Friday on Main Street near Shillington Road. When they arrived on the scene, they found that 39-Year-Old Andrea Turner had been struck by a vehicle. She died at the scene.

On Tuesday, July 5, NC Highway Patrol say they’ve arrested 37-year-old Donte Harris in connection with the hit-and-run.

Harris has been charged with felony hit-and-run involving a fatality. Investigators say he was driving a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee at the time of the crash which matches the description of the vehicle parts left at the scene following the crash. Harris told authorities he thought “he struck a deer.”

Family members tell 10 On Your Side Andrea Turner was so kind and would do anything for anyone. Her husband says she was so selfless that the last thing she did was push her daughter out of the way from being hit by the car too, which ended up saving her daughter’s life. 

Family members say Turner was walking down Main Street Extension in Elizabeth City with her daughter on Friday night to watch the fireworks when she was hit. Friday was her daughter’s 10th birthday and the two were only about 100 yards away from their house. 

“I see my daughter running back — at that point, my heart drops,” said Andrea’s husband, Jason Turner.

Jason turner says he and his family were celebrating his daughter’s 10th birthday Friday night when they started to hear fireworks going off.

Turner says his wife, Andrea, started walking down Main Street Extension in Elizabeth City with their daughter when she was hit by a car.

Turner ran to the area where they were walking and found his wife lying in the grass and the car was gone.

“My whole family, all her kids are devastated,” said Jason. “They’re torn apart. This was my 10-year-old’s birthday and the last thing she gets is her mother pushing her out the way of death.”

Mike Nichols lives across the street and says he was one of several neighbors who jumped in to help.

“I dialed 9-1-1 and we had another couple from down the street come up and one was a retired nurse,” said Nichols.

Nichols says he’ll never drive through the intersection outside his house again without thinking of Andrea.

“I stop at that stop sign every day. I was traumatized. It was just unimaginable,” said Nichols.

Sgt. Daniel is hoping someone might spot the SUV or the suspect will turn themselves in to give the family some closure. 

“If you’ve seen anything currently going on but it hasn’t been there for a couple of days, then we’d like for you to contact the North Carolina Highway Patrol at 800-441-6127 .”

“We’ve been reviewing ring videos, store videos, looking at homes that have 24-hour surveillance,” said Sgt. Daniel. “We’ve been looking at all that but haven’t been able to get a plate off the vehicle. We’ve been able to see the vehicle and hear the vehicle with damage driving down the road.”

Andrea has five kids and she and her husband Jason just got married 9 months ago.  Jason says he’d do anything to hear her laugh once again and hopes one day, he’ll finally have closure.

“There has to be justice, there has to be closure, closure for my wife and that’s all I can give her at this point,” said Jason. “Please help me find who did this, please.”

Those with information are encouraged to submit a tip via P3 tips or call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

There is a fundraiser set up for the family to help with funeral expenses. To donate, CLICK HERE.