MOYOCK, N.C. (WAVY) – After a full weekend of bad weather, the sun has peeked out of the clouds for Memorial Day.

The weekend leading up to the holiday was grim and gloomy, with high winds and rain canceling a lot of Memorial Day events around Hampton Roads and surrounding areas.

The weather not only hurt those events, but businesses as well.

Powell’s Roadside Market is a popular North Carolina stop on the way to the Outer Banks’ beaches.

Co-owner Eddie-Jo Powell said even her business saw lower customer numbers than usual.

“You still have people that are going to have weekend cottages or weekly cottages,” Powell said. “They’re going to keep coming and they’re going to stop and support the business. But you do lose, when the weather’s bad, you lose the day trippers, you lose your weekend people who have hotel rooms that decide they don’t want to spend the weekend at a cold beach.”

However, things greatly improved for Memorial Day.

The sunny weather brought many people to various beaches near the market, and with that came a lot of foot traffic for Powell’s.

“The weather has affected the business for the weekend, and on a holiday weekend that’s usually not a good thing,” Powell said. “But we always look at the bright side – sun’s shining today, business has been steady today so that’s always good.”

For 43 years, the market has expanded, now offering everything from fresh produce, fireworks, beach gear and more.

They have four locations, including one in Chesapeake and another in Elizabeth City.

In addition, they’ll be opening a new café that’ll provide espresso coffee, alcohol and to-go food for travelers.

Powell said the combination of the new expansion and the great holiday weather is an indicator of an amazing summer season.

“I think the season’s going to be great,” Powell said. “We have a lot of neat things to offer. We specialize in produce, fresh produce from local people as well as local farmers, family farms, family bakeries. We try to support local business as much as possible because we are a local family business.”

Powell also told 10 On Your Side that the new café, right next to Powell’s Moyock location, should be open in the next couple of weeks.