NOTE: Each Friday in October during our “9 On Your Side News at 5:30,” WNCT will air a “Spooky Special.” It’s our monthlong series about places in Eastern North Carolina that people may consider to be haunted or just plain spooky.


WARSAW, N.C. (WNCT) — A little girl is one of the permanent residents at a famous location in Duplin County. She’s not the only spirit still lingering within those walls.

The Country Squire is a restaurant, winery and motel with a haunting history and stories Iris Lennon loves to share.

“I was standing over the register there, and this lady came up and said I just want you to know, that ghost followed me into the lady’s room,” says Lennon.

Lennon also believes the most active location is the gift shop.

“It’s called the Baronial Hall. It was an old house that was three miles down the road, and it was brought up and added to the restaurant,” she said.

“An old lady had died in the hall, so we felt, past and present employees, that was the old lady’s ghost at the squire.”

For some workers, they’ve become unfazed by the paranormal activity.

“I’ve just over the years gotten where I don’t really pay attention to it,” said Jenny Bratcher.

“I saw a gentleman sitting at the bar. And I thought, ‘Well, let me get one of the waitresses to get his order.’ And when I stepped right into the kitchen, I didn’t see a waitress and thought, ‘Oh, well, I’ll get it and turn right back around’ and notice no one there,” Bratcher said.

But Bratcher said she almost finds comfort in the ghostly guests. “It’s not been anything scary. It’s been more like friendliness and helpfulness if anything.”

For Lennon, she hopes to continue telling these ghost stories as long as she can.

“We love to share stories,” she said. “Yes. And because I share stories with that person, then you know, they’re going to go and share that story with somebody else and somebody else is going to need to visit that place.”