CURRITUCK COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — A North Carolina community has pulled together in a big way to help a Currituck County family who lost almost everything in a devastating house fire.

Around 5:30 p.m. Friday, Brittany Holding was at home with her infant son when she says she heard what sounded like a loud pop or explosion. She looked outside and saw flames on the back porch.

“I grab the baby, I’m throwing a car seat out, I’m throwing a diaper bag out, I’m trying to get my fur babies out of the house. I get outside and the deck is fully engulfed at that point,” recalled Brittany Holding.

She said thankfully her husband was at work and her two older daughters were out of the house. Brittany Holding managed to get out safely, baby in tow. Their home however went up in flames.

“It was devastating,” said Chet Holding. “Watching everything you ever worked for blow up in smoke and just the pictures and the memories.”

The Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department responded, as well as the Crawford Volunteer Fire Department, Currituck County EMS, Kitty Hawk Fire Department, Southern Shores Fire Department and the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials with the Lower Currituck Volunteer Fire Department posted to their Facebook page asking for donations to help the family. The amount of donations and support that poured in surprised everyone.

“It’s amazing, it really is. This is the first time it’s been so large, the amount of people coming and donating items,” said Fire Chief Vernon Hart. “I wasn’t expecting this. We have a great community that wants to help us out and help the families out.”

People can drop off items at the Fire Station at 6323 Carotoke Hwy Grandy, N.C. So far, they’ve had people donate furniture, clothes, essentials, children’s toys, diapers, etc.

“We took our 6-year-old with us to get the first load from the fire department and just the look on her face, it was like Christmas all over again,” said Brittany Holding. “Because she didn’t have hardly anything that was saved as far as her baby dolls, or Barbies that she got from Christmas. Just the look on her face you know just that made everyone’s day. That was just amazing.”

A GoFundMe was also started to help the family.

Brittany and Chet Holding are extremely grateful, blessed and thankful for everyone’s help as they put their lives back together piece by piece.