COROLLA, N.C. (WAVY) — The Corolla Wild Horse Fund says on its Facebook page that a young stallion in the wild herd had to be euthanized this week.

The 4-year-old wild horse named Joaquin was severely injured when he attempted to go through a barbed-wire fence on United States Fish and Wildlife Service property, according to the post.

A citizen spotted Joaquin with the injury on Thursday and called the organization.

The organization says a veterinarian looked at him and determined that he had to be euthanized because his leg injury “was beyond repair.”

“His loss is a major blow to the herd and will have an impact for generations to come,” the Facebook post stated.

The group said there were concerns about the wild horses’ safety after barbed wire fences were installed years ago.

USFWS has been responsive since the accident and the group said they are working with them to come up with a replacement fence that won’t endanger the wild horses.