COROLLA, N.C. (WAVY) — A mother horse removed from the wild due to a year-long wound had to be euthanized in Corolla last week.

According to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, the horse named Lizzie was euthanized due to her deteriorating condition.

The organization says it removed the horse from the wild earlier in June and separated her from her colt to treat a wound that’s been an issue for about a year.

The group said Lizzie’s condition quickly worsened at the end of last week. Despite aggressive treatment, Lizzie was suffering physically and emotionally.

The fund thanked vets and staff members from NC State for helping take care of Lizzie on her last days.

“This was not a normal case and they went above and beyond to work with us and our local vet to make sure we were doing everything we could to save Lizzie, while keeping her comfort and wellbeing in mind every step of the way,” said the group in a social media post.

Lizzie leaves behind her two offspring, Rabbit and Alex.