KITTY HAWK, N.C. (WAVY) — Tropical Storm Idalia impacted the Outer Banks Thursday, with rain and high winds that blew sand in every direction near the beach.

The weather kept some people indoors, while others weren’t afraid of the conditions.

“I came down to just look at the beach and I have a memento that I wanted to come check on,” said Skip Hughes, a Kitty Hawk resident.

That memento overlooks the ocean. It’s a memorial for his wife Patricia.

“Wife passed away a few years ago and the girls put a bench down there and I just wanted to make sure it was doing well,” Hughes said.

He said Patty died 6 years ago. The couple’s daughters put a white bench on the beach for their mother. The bench has a plaque on it with two cats, and their tails make a heart.
Words on the plaque say, “In Loving Memory. Patty (Miss Patty) Hughes.”

The plaque on Patty Hughes’ memorial bench

“We have it chained down. I just wanted to make sure it was in good shape,” Hughes said.

His love for his wife is stronger than any storm.

“I’ll come down and clean it tomorrow. It got sand and surf all over it,” Hughes said.

You can find Miss Patty’s bench on Virginia Dare Trail and Eckner St.